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As a leading provider of turnkey renovations and equipment specification/selection for the public assembly facility industry, we take pride in offering the best design solutions for your projects. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers with a first class network of equipment and service providers who understand the unique challenges working in a fully functional sports and entertainment venue.

When the promoter calls with that last minute 'million dollar show' the last thing you need to worry about are charge backs and ramifications to your current CIP because contractors are ousted for a two day load in. At KoreZero we understand the specific needs of living buildings, and work intimately with all of our clients to ensure challenges such as this become victories and moments to be proud of.

Working with architects, developers, manufacturers, construction managers, owners, and contractors on a multitude of IAVM, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and other sports and entertainment facilities - KoreZero LLC has the expertise needed to create winning projects for everyone!