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Looking for used fixed seating parts, custom chair builds, or check out the custom bar stools! Archer Seating

Do you have used equipment to remove or sell?   KoreZero and our strategic partners can help, contact us today!  Regardless of condition, we can help find value in just about anything!



At Kore Zero LLC we understand the importance of creating and maintaining the best possible guest experience for your facility.  Our goal is simple, at the 'Kore' of every project there is waste and inefficiency that can be reclaimed.  We help build the connections that remove inefficiencies giving you more time, money, and overall resources to ensure every guest has the best experience in the house!

KoreZero LLC has created a diverse range of products and services to help create and maintain exceptional operational efficiency and safety for your facility.  If you are looking to strengthen strategic partnerships and create new win-win-win solutions, Kore Zero LLC can help bring it all together.  With so many products and services available, and the need to sustain our beautiful planet, we can help justify equipment purchases, repairs, upgrades, and ultimately an environmentally friendly relocation/repurpose of your old equipment.

Do you have any projects that have been sitting on the back burner and can't find the time to get to them?  Contact KoreZero now!

We can provide design solution, budgets, ROI calculations, or even complete project feasibility studies and RFP's.  Don't forget to ask about NO-COST proposals in our targeted areas.  Contact Kore Zero LLC today for more information.